Thursday, September 13, 2018

Cs50 "Hello, World" Report

Today, my class began to set up our coding platform in Cs50. The objective of today's lesson was to learn how to navigate through the basics of Cs50. I followed a series of specific instructions in order to project the words "hello, world" on our screen. During the process, I established three separate folders and three specific files within one of the folders. The final file that I created transitioned into the writing of my first program in Cs50.  While following the instructions, I learned valuable knowledge pertaining to how to properly use certain aspects of Cs50. I learned how to create and rename new folders and files in the platform, change my workspaces directory using "ls," and how to correctly write a basic program. I was able to successfully follow the directions that ultimately lead to the projection of "hello, world" on my screen, but I did encounter some difficulty along the way. I learned through trial and error that the capitalization and format of letters and characters needs to be 100% accurate, otherwise the program will not run. I had particular issues with the purpose of the regular slash and back-slash functions in the programming. I eventually learned the difference between the two and implemented "\" into my program to make it work effectively. I am looking forward to my future opportunities to learn how to code in Cs50 as I know that learning this platform will help me in my understanding of various aspects of programming and computer science.

Future Tips:

  • Make sure I am on the correct workspace
  • Use "cd" to ensure that I am opening programs in the correct place
  • I can change the "theme" and preferences of my page
  • make sure to properly copy the instructions and input the correct characters as a single incorrect character will hinder the running of a code
  • make sure to save work!!
  • to open GitHub, check50 cs50/2017/ap/hello hello.c

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Adult Computing Innovation

In an interview with my father, I learned that the computing innovation that has had the most impact on his life is the electronic records keeper at his hospital. My dad is a physiatrist at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital on Cape Cod. A physiatrist is a doctor who specializes in sports medicine and rehabilitation. Spaulding recently switched to an electronic records keeper to record patients' medical information. With this new system, my dad has the ability to upload his patients' information directly online and this information can be shared within various medical practices, imaging studies, laboratory studies, and consultations. Doctors across a wide network can now access medical history for patients in real time and this system allows for efficient patient care, less reproduction of work, and a save in costs for providers and patients. Prior to the implementation of the electronic records keeper, medical data had to be either handwritten or entered into personal data storages. Personal or typed records often took more than one week to send to other medical professionals. My dad firmly believes that the electronic records keeper has made his daily work more efficient and much easier. He no longer has to spend hours entering hard data as either he or a medical assistant can enter the data digitally.

My dad's answer to the computing innovation that has had the most impact on his life differed greatly from my answer. He decided upon an object that makes his work life easier and I fixated upon an innovation that has been a key component throughout my childhood. Both computing innovations have several positives to their functionalities in our daily lives. The electronic records keeper makes my dad's work significantly easier and my fridge has long helped me in keeping my food fresh. The two computing innovations are vastly different in their functioning, with one being a device that stores food and the other being a device that stores medical information.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Computing Innovation

The computing innovation that has had the most impact on my life is my fridge. My fridge stores the majority of items that I consume on a daily basis. I have been taking numerous daily trips to my fridge since I was old enough to grasp the handle and reach the top shelf. The fridge is where I both begin and end my day via breakfast and a late night water bottle/ snack. There are many positive benefits of a fridge. A fridge stores food and drink items that are essential to daily living. Without having a fridge, the items I consume would not be cold and could potentially grow moldy or stale. Although my fridge has mainly had a positive impact on my life, there are also negatives about fridges.  For example, the energy and cost to own and properly operate a fridge is substantial. Refrigerators are generally large entities that consume great amounts of space in a kitchen. Fridges require an extensive use of energy that amounts to a price tag being in the high hundreds to thousands of dollars. However, I view that having a fridge is well worth the cost given that a fridge keeps your food and drinks safe from bacteria as well as makes them fresh to consume. The fridge is certainly a computing innovation that has had a significant impact on my life.