Create Task Day 12

1. Today, I properly implemented my new function, "frame_ten()" and made adjustments to "print_message()."

2."frame_ten()"is a function that only goes into effect when the user is trying to input data for the tenth frame. The tenth frame is different from other bowling frames as the user has the ability to throw the ball a third time if a spare or strike occurs within the first two throws. The function asks the user for the values of roll1 and roll2, and then undergoes a series of if statements for what is to occur next. If a spare occurs, the user gets to input roll3. If a strike occurs, the user gets to insert roll3 and roll4. I modified the "print_message()" function so that its totals can reach a maximum of 30 in Frame 10.

3. The new functions definitely had problems running today. My code was returning the proper total for the pin accumulation, but error messages repeatedly appeared as for the next steps to run after the counter adds the pi…

Create Task Day 11

1. Today, I worked on cleaning up my code and adding a tenth frame counter to the code. 

2.  I added a function called "frame_ten." It doesn't completely work yet, but when it does, it will use a series of if-statements to see if you need to input a Roll3 if your total is 10 pins through Roll1 and Roll2. 

3.  So far, the new code does not completely work. The user is prompted to ask for Roll3 correctly, but errors occur when the score tries to be added to score_counter. I will work more on it tomorrow.

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Create Task Day 10

1. Today, I added an abstraction to my code and entered cprint to my code in order to spice up its appearance.

2. For the majority of class, I worked on adding cprint to the code. I imported termcolor and then altered my print statements into cprint statements. All of my error messages now appear in bold red font. Each score is now printed in bold green to make it clear what your score is. The bowling frame selection is now presented in alternating yellow and purple font. I also added my abstraction to the code as I turned the main program into a function called "play_game()." This abstraction is now called in my new main program.

3. I spent some time trying to figure out a strike and spare counter. That task was a bit difficult so I gave up. I think I will probably just use my program as a total pin counter.

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Create Task Day 9

1. Today, I reached great success as I correctly implemented a counter into my code. After many failed attempts to get this code to work, the function "total_score()" helps to officially add the total of the scores entered so far.

2. The counter works thanks to the creation of total_score and real_total. real_total is defined as = to "real_total + total." This means that once a new total is entered into the system, it is added to a new list known as "real_total" where all the totals are added together. real_total is also called in the function (two_rolls) in order to take roll1 and roll2 into account.

3. Nothing too much went wrong today. I began class with the problem of the counter not working, but Mrs. Kelly consulted with me and motivated me to work through my problem.

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Create Task Day 8

1. The create task hit a bit of a roadblock today. An unstoppable force met an immovable object. That object was the counter. And the counter has so far prevailed.

2. Well, there was a lot of code written today. The real question is, does any of the code actually work? So far, that answer is kind of. I attempted to implement the counter in at least three different ways. The counter is supposed to work when the total taken from roll1 and roll2 is appended to a newly defined function called "total_score()." However, the counter is flawed and produces numbers far too large.

3. "When the going get tough, the tough get going." The counter was a bit maddening today and really just did not want to work for me. Unfortunately, tomorrow may be shrouded in more misery as once the counter miraculously works, I need to figure out how to mingle with the spares and strikes. I consulted with Ryan and Mrs. Kelly today to figure this counter out, but we have yet to obtain victory. …

Create Task Day 7

1.  There definitely was a lot of movement with my code today. For better or worse, I complicated my code and added a few new functions. The code was originally out of sorts as I could visualize what I wanted to do, but it took a little while for everything to come to fruition.

2. I added the functions "print_message()" and "see_score()." The first function prints a message that tells you the amount of pins you knocked down in the frame. This function is called in "enter_score" and uses the frame number inputted in "enter_score" and the total pin fall in "two_rolls()." "see_score" appends the pin total to the list and then lets the user view their total pin fall so far. Hopefully, I can soon add a counter to this list.

3. I struggled over how to access previous inputs from functions in new functions. I could not figure out how to input "total" and "frame" into the new functions I wrote. Finally, after cons…

Create Task Day 6

1. I feel like I definitely made some headway with my code today! I added two new functions and created a new file titled "" This file is an elevated version of ""

2. I completely changed "enter_score()". This function now drops a menu bar down for the user where the user selected which frame they would like to enter scores for. This function then calls upon function "two_rolls()". "Two_rolls()" is essentially the same as "enter_score()" from last time, but it is slightly changed.

3. I was having difficulty reaching the input error part of "enter_score()." I could not get the print to pop up. I eventually realized that I needed to add "int(input) as I was inputting a string when I actually needed an integer.

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